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Why Use Linux Insted of MSW?

Virus and Spyware Free! Linux is completely immune to viruses and spyware. You can surf in the worst neighborhoods on the web and not worry about your computer getting screwed up. Download music movies and games and not worry about trojans and adware. You no longer need to fear opening attacthments in you email and getting a system wrecking worm. Linux users think it is funny that MSW users load their computer with so much antivirus and spyware prevention software. This makes their nice fast MSW system run like a old Pentium II.

Ultra Stable & Reliable! Many commercial Linux servers have been known to run for 4 years or more without a single system crash! With Linux, viruses and spyware cant change your system settings or destroy your computer. Even hackers can't change your settings enough to cause serious problems. Avoid the blue screen of death and use Linux!

So Easy to Use! A six year old can use Linux! If you have beeen using MSW or Mac, the learning curve for Linux is very simple. Linux is made to be easy to use and very fool proof. Linux is hard to break and almost never crashes! Let the kids play on it.

Tons of Free Software Over 15,000 free software programs are available for Linux. Downloading and installing the software is easy with the included Synaptic package manager. Most programs available for MSW are available as clone software for Linux.

Liunx is Fast! Does your old computer feel slow? Whould you like to make your Celeron or Pentium III computer run like a Pentium-4? Linux is the answer! Breath some new life into your old box. I have linux loaded on my old 733mhz Pentinum III with 512mb of ram as a backup computer. My newer computer (Athlon64 3400 with 1gb ram) also has the same Linux operating system on it. I can't tell much difference at all! My old computer feels just as fast! The only difference is the 733mhz computer takes longer to boot.

Hardware Compatable Linux works with almost all hardware and networking. Printers, digital cameras, cable modems, DSL modems, network routers, and wireless devices. Linux supports all CPUs, motherboards, and video cards. The only thing Linux does not like are winmodems and some Lexmark printers. Most cheap mainstream computers come with winmodems. This problem is easy to fix by installing an USR 2976 or 2977 modem, or external controller based hardware modem. Read the box. If the modem will work for a Mac, it should work for Linux.

Cable Internet? Do you have your high speed internet through your cable TV company? If you do, good news. When you get your computer back, it is ready to go! Just plug everything in, turn on your computer, and you have internet! See our support and help page for setting up dial-up and DSL connections.

Linux is Geeky Cool! You don't need to tell your friends how easy Linux is to use. Let them think you are a smart high tech nerd.

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